Our vision is to become the key Slovene co-ordinator in providing environment (knowledge and technology) that allows accelerated application of spatial information for the decision making process of different user groups (individuals, public and private sectors). The basic mission of the Geodetic Institute of Slovenia is in its connecting function between  the government, science and private sector in the area of geomatics (primarily in the area of geodetic and hydrographic activity), on the national and international level. Following the Institute's work programme, which is part of the annual programme of the national land survey service, its forty employees perform the following tasks according to the principles of project management: 

  • public services,
  • services by public power,
  • services against payment for self-governing local communities and other contracting authorities, e.g. R&D tasks, tasks financed from the European structural funds and tasks for the market.

Public service tasks

According to the Land Survey Service Act (Official Journalof the Republic of Slovenia, No. 77/2010) the Institute performs as public service the development and expert technical tasks of the national land survey. The land survey tasks include setup, management and maintenance of databases for the following areas: 

  • reference coordinate systems,
  • real estate registration,
  • mass real estate valuation,
  • national boundaries, spatial units and house numbers as well as topographic and cartographic system,
  • tasks included to the Institute's work programme by other sectors.

According to the Maritime Code (Official Journal of the Republic of Slovenia, No. 88/2010), iin the area of hydrographic activity the Institute performs as public service the tasks listed below. We guarantee that these tasks are performed according to the standards of the International Hydrographic Organisation (IHO):

  • organisation of implementation and supervision of hydrographic surveys of sea, coast and baselines, hydrographic monitoring and hydrographic surveys of objects and phenomena in coastal areas, on sea surface, water column, sea bed and in subsoil,
  • acquisition, management, maintenance, processing and publishing of hydrographic data, nautical charts and hydrographic publications;
  • management, production, publishing, maintenance and distribution of nautical charts in classical and electronic forms,
  • distribution of hydrographic data to users,
  • preparation of hydrographic materials for communications to seafarers and publication of Slovene communications to seafarers,
  • implementation of R&D tasks and other expert technical tasks related to hydrographic activity, and
  • expert technical cooperation with hydrographic offices from other countries.

Services by public power

According to the Land Survey Service Act (Official Journalof the Republic of Slovenia, No. 77/2010) the Institute performs by public power the following tasks:

  • supervision of user accesses and the functioning of systems to access data from geodetic databases as well as preparation of reports about the use of data from geodetic databases,
  • supervision of the functioning of the national network of permanent stations for the global positioning system,
  • mass real estate valuation for the needs of determining price indices and real estate value indices, real estate market research and analysis, reports on real estates, real estate markets and real estate values, acquisition of real estate data for the purpose of value attribution and attribution of real estate value,
  • preparation of information and implementation of special analyses based on the data from geodetic databases on user request,
  • supervision of maintenance and quality of geodetic databases,
  • concern for uniformity of expert methods and procedures in the area of geodetic activity,
  • organisation and implementation of special intervention surveys and monitoring of natural disasters or unforeseeable phenomena.